HR3 Pay has been designed from the ground up to meet a wide range of payroll requirements. At the same time it uses current technology and clear design to reduce processing time, improve user experience and provide comprehensive history and reporting.

Product Features:

Reduce Processing Time

Multiple Document Interface - Open multiple employees. Resolve employee queries without leaving the payrun processing screen.

Integrated Search - Search system-wide from one interface for employees, super funds, contacts, pay items etc.

Multiple Payruns - Streamline processing by splitting pay-runs. Process a termination or adjustment pay while main payrun is still open.

Email Payslips - Password protected delivery of payslips eliminates distribution time.

Comprehensive Payroll Structure

Flexible Leave Structure - HR3 can not only provide different leave accruals for Annual, sick and long service (e.g. 4,5,6 weeks annual leave per annum) it can also maintain unlimited additional custom leave accruals (e.g. study leave).

Custom Pay Items and Costing - Pay items and costing structure are defined for your specific requirements as part of the implementation. Your chosen structure is automatically integrated with the HR3 reporting system.

Expense reimbursement - Expenses can be tracked and paid through payroll including gst inclusive and exclusive amounts.

Salary sacrifice - Structure provides for superannuation, car lease, laptop purchase and virtually any other salary sacrifice component.

Enhanced deduction processing - Deductions can be preset by date range, to repay a reducing balance (e.g. staff loan or salary sacrifice laptop purchase) and can also be set to protect earnings for child support.

Improve Reporting and Record Keeping

Unlimited History - HR3Pay keeps full records of all pays produced on the system, leave history, financial years and changes in pay rate.

This allows you to perform tasks such as reprint payslips, re-run reports and even reproduce payment summaries (group certificates) for any year.

Ad-Hoc filters integrated into standard reports

In addition to over 200 standard reports HR3 automatically integrates your payroll structure into its reporting system allowing incredible flexibility in producing both standard and ad-hoc reports.

Extended Employee Data - HR3 provides scope for much additional employee information including multiple addresses, phones, contacts, classifications, unlimited notes, status tracking, rate history, leave history and a Task Manager for tracking employee related tasks.

Optional Report writer - The add-on report writer allows you to both modify standard HR3 reports and create custom reports from scratch with a page-layout interface.


General Ledger Integration

HR3Pay can integrate your general ledger structure directly into the payroll structure. General ledger journals can then be produced on a pay by pay basis and exported or printed.