HR3people is the web Employee Management System (EMS) for HR3pay. This powerful and easy to use business tool can significantly improve productivity by reducing time consuming requests and activities. Using HR3people employees and managers can access their own information online as well as manage team activities and reporting. The following summary will highlight some of the features and functions of the HR3people system.

General Features

 Fully Internet enabled. HR3people is written using the Microsoft .NET development platform and can be deployed for both Intranet and Internet access.

 Browser friendly. HR3people works with most common.

 Convenient. Employees and managers access their details from home or any internet enabled PC or tablet.

 User-friendly menus and navigation.

 Real-time access and updating (one database)


 Secure. Password protected user access means information remains confidential and only available to users with the appropriate security access levels.

 User specific security profiles with options to VIEW, HIDE, ADD and MODIFY


 Normal web navigation icons

 Easy to use menus and function buttons/icons

 Table driven fields for accurate selection and recording

Employee Details

 Biographical data.

 Address types and entries i.e. PO Box, Residential, Business etc.

 Phone types and entries i.e. Home, Mobile, Pager etc.

 Skills information.

 Training details.

 Property/assets details.

 Position information.

 Performance reviews.

 Employment Events.

 Performance Reviews.

 Inductions.

 Probationary Reviews.

 Salary Reviews.

 Superannuation fund details.

 Superannuation contributions.

 Emergency contacts.

 Next of Kin.

 Medical contacts.

 Banking details.

 Leave history.

 Leave entitlement information.

 Payroll details.

 Payroll history.

 YTD payroll information

 Rate information.

HR3 Pty Ltd. Commercial-in-confidence.

Employee HR Details

HR3people includes many features that you would expect in an Employee Management System. One of these is the Employee HR Details module. This module gives users access to their training & education records, skills & competencies, licences, certificates, company property and employment events such as inductions, OH&S incidents, performance reviews and much more.

Employee Planner

HR3people includes a handy employee planner/calendar. This option lets any employee view their upcoming tasks or events. The calendar will display any item that the system administrator has allowed users to see. This includes;

 Leave Details and status

 Birthdays

 Years or Service anniversaries

 Rate changes

 Training courses

 Skills reviews

 Performance reviews

 Issued Property details

 Outstanding tasks and more…

OHS Management

HR3people offers direct access to the HR3pay OHSpack. This means users can quickly view procedures for their work area, register identified hazards, log incidents and perform many of the normal Workplace/Occupational Health & Safety tasks.

HR3people OHS includes an information dashboard for OHS administration staff to quickly gauge performance for an individual area or for the entire company.

Task Management

HR3people comes with many options and features designed to improve processes by automating and/or streamlining the tasks associated with each process. HR3people uses workflows and an integrated Email agent to manage multi-step processes. HR3 Pty Ltd. Commercial-in-confidence.

Leave requests

HR3people supports several request-based functions. The most common being the ability for staff to request leave online.

Employees can check their leave balances and then request leave online. The status of their request is displayed with all other leave events/requests.

All approved leave is included in the appropriate HR3pay process via the built-in workflows.

A leave planner displays leave movements for all staff in their department or team.


HR3people includes a number of standard reports and processes that let user’s print specific information about themselves.

The Report Explorer provides access to reports for the following.

 Employee Pay Advices

 Employee YTD earnings

 Employee Leave history

 Employee Superannuation contributions

 Employee Leave details

 Employee YTD Superannuation contributions

 Employee Timesheet information

 Employee Payment Summary

HR3 Pty Ltd. Commercial-in-confidence.

Report selection and viewing

The HR3people report selector is an easy to use and understand tool that displays information for users to select depending on the report details they want to view and/or print.

All HR3people reports are made available as a PDF file that the user can view, print or save depending on their needs.

Additional functionality allows users to forward reports via email to management or other staff.

Employee Time Sheets

The HR3people timesheet facility is designed to let staff record their worked hours for payroll processing. All timesheets go through an approved process prior to payroll processing. Department and job costing is also available if required.

Manager approval process

HR3people includes a management calendar that lists action items requiring the end users attention. This includes requests for Leave, timesheet approval and expenses reimbursement requests.

Email notifications and workflow escalations ensure requests and processes are addressed as soon as possible.